Date with Spanish Beauty from Ubud

She came She saw She conquered.


I saw her face for the first time. I can’t help noticing her sharp long nose over her face. She was white as a dove and with blonde hairs under the lights meant for painting. I noticed her wearing a black dress which looked nice on her and her name was Sonia.

We started impromptu conversation about ourselves. She arrived and was looking around to find places to eat and see. We searched for a nice restaurant for good seafood menu near the beach. But it was pretty late and most of the shops were already closed or about to close.

She wanted local cuisine. A cuisine with a good appetite for her tender stomach. I had no issues relating to that as I was also looking for a bland cooked dish.

We introduced ourselves over the brief walk to look for restaurants. She was from Spain and had a boyfriend as she portrayed in her conversation.
As we were walking in the night, across the street, with a cool breeze from early showers. The streets received a shower in the morning at 2 hours past midnight.

She agreed on an Italian Pizzeria and we settled on Pizza for the dinner. It was getting late and the restaurants were closing. After a brief walk, we entered the most good looking vintage old Italian owned restaurant. I had met with the owner a day before and had talked niceties. I also took his picture advertising his almost fifty years old pizzeria.

We sat down, under a ceiling fan, to beat the heat inside the restaurant. I chose a seat and she agreed. The seat, which I had already sat before, during my last day lemon tea visit.


We looked at the menu and I waited for her to order. She ordered a salad with octopus. She also ordered a vegetarian Margherita, extra large pizza, for us to share. She was in mood for a nice good glass of red wine but settled for water. She had to wake early in the morning for a strenuous excursion.

I thanked her for being my date tonight. She pretended to shy away for calling it actually a date night. The candle flickered on the table. Songs were blaring on overhead Bose speakers. The number changed from Hollywood to Italian peppy song. The Italiano singer longing for his girl who was not with him. We waited for our order.

It was the most romantic evening for me in Bali. I thanked her, to God in my mind, to make it happen. She wasn’t aware of my strong feelings. We had the pizza devoured and left few slices for vanity.


She ordered the bill and I paid upon few soft insistence.

She agreed, ” Actually it’s a date now”.

I asked her to walk her back to the room. She was fine with my territorial advance. We exchanged numbers but she was dumb founded when I asked about her beau.

It was time to leave. A little nice peck and I returned. So the story of black jack in Bali continues…


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