Spy From Nusa Dua Part I

The night was going weary. He stood there doing all sort of poses possible to lose weight. My friend was a security administrator at tomatohead. He wanted to lose weight but not interested in daily strenuous  exercises. Black Jack was convincingly authentic in instructing body using techniques to lose weight fast in just seven days. My friend followed all the steps Black Jack was doing and showing. My friend was at ease in the exercise movements except few correction Black Jack asked. TomatoHead friend was happy to receive the amount he wished to trade his laptop to Black Jack. I was also happy in helping Black Jack get a good deal from my friend. I had to convince Parry for last two days to lower the asking price of his laptop. I also got couple hundred bucks for necessary accessory. 

All this conundrum in my office attracted two US women passing by. They asked for touristy stuff obviously not available at my office. Laughingly they didn’t notice my office and its business but the late night display put up by Black Jack and my friend. Surprisingly the US women were overnight too.

I couldn’t stop them I was helpless. It was getting late into wee hours. I was starving and so were they. Black Jack offered a treat as he was more hungry after day’s tour. But we resisted the sweet temptation of him offering food. Though he was keeping us busy and hungry, we won’t eat because we were at home. Black Jack was the guest not us and we won’t budge upon umpteen request. 

He understood our plea and he offered to bid adieu. Parry had a long way home. It would take him more than two hours to reach his home. He was OK with it as Black Jack offered his own room for the night stay. I told him if he was OK to walk back to his room at night. Black Jack reluctantly said yes and would be happy to walk us for a treat on his way back. He was leaving the other day. This made me worry a lot. If he was leaving and have a flight, he might be late, too late. He has been waking long hours into night. I have seen him chatting online in odd hours.

Supposedly he wanted to be dropped at his room if we don’t eat. We bid Parry goodbye. I asked Black Jack to hug him. They have done a business deal together. Hug will make them appreciate the fact that they bonded well. Black Jack was forthcoming. He wished him to drive carefully. I also departed after closing my office on a scoop ride. He insisted to take a long but deserted route. I said its OK if we take the busy route as it is night and we so we will reach soon. We began to talk while he was riding on pillion. He once got me distracted but soon I realized to drive slow while we kept talking.

Soon we reached at the reception.  I just parked my scoopy in front of the security staff. Black Jack said “Don’t park it here, let me show you”. “Drive straight ahead”. Few meters from where we stood there was a security room. He said “Park your snoopy here. It will be safe. I said “I will just leave so there is no need”. He said “Whoa Relax”. It’s quite late night. Stay here in my room and sleep over tonight. I said “I am fine”. BlacK Jack you need rest as you have flight to catch tomorrow. You have been travelling and never slept well. Please go to sleep before your journey as you deserve rest tonight. Black Jack cheeringly said “I will not sleep tonight. This room is yours tonight. Take my hotel bed. Sleep here tonight. Once in a while you can stay for free in this beautiful suite. Its all yours tonite”. I said “Thanks I am grateful for your offer and it’s great. I will soon reach my home and go to sleep on my bed. You have to sleep or you will miss your flight”. Black Jack revolted “I am not going to sleep tonight”. This kept on going for five more minutes. He meanwhile began talking to the security staff and I meandered around. There was a swimming pool. The water was gushing because of mechanized water flow. I looked at the dim lights of the restaurant beside the pool. There were two or three men at the reception. They were looking at me astonishingly. They didn’t recognize me. I was here in the morning too.

I was waiting for Black Jack for half an hour in the lobby while he was taking a shower. We just went to our business after he kept me waiting in the morning. We were chatting over the phone but he didn’t meet me at the predetermined time. He just appeared an hour late in the morning at the lobby and asked me to have breakfast with him. I had rejected his idea and had told him that I will be late. It happened in the morning. There were two or three ladies in the morning at the reception. But now there were none in the hotel. 

I talked to the reception staff and shared greetings. Black Jack rushed in and offered me a quick tour to his room. I bid bye to the reception guys and followed Black Jack to the lift lobby. One woman just appeared when the lift doors opened. She got nervous for a brief few seconds when she saw us standing, waiting for the lift car to touch down. She hurriedly went past in quick steps and disappeared in the dark alley before reception lobby. We were watching her while waiting for the lift car doors to close before moving up.

Black Jack guided me to his hotel den. It was quite a walk. He crossed doors after door until we reached to the end of the hallway. He removed his keycard opened the last but not the least room door. Crank crank crank. Sound of the electronic door lock. He inserted his keycard in the slot and the room lit up with room appliances started to hum. I realized that the hotel suite was properly in order like no one was occupying the suite before. Then I saw Black Jack clothes hanging on the right. I remarked this room looks quite nice. Black Jack said obviously this is no cheap hotel and was one of the most elegant hotel in this town. He gave the price for a night way before I was going to ask the costs of a suite. He opened the minibar almost empty and picked a water bottle for me. I was thirsty but wanted normal water. He sipped the icy cold water himself and offered me another bottle which was over the shelf.

There was a stack of coffee, sugar and tea bags. I quenched my thirst and we began talking more serious talk. He slid the balcony door and picked clothes left for drying. I just rushed towards the door and he let me see the outside view. It was a good view. This balcony was dotted with trees, an open empty space and tall buildings far away. Black Jack said that double seven beach is quite near. You can go to the terrace of the hotel and can see the beach from here. He showed some pictures on the phone which he had taken earlier. He switched conversation topic from pleasant to serious off topic related to his past. I listened intently. From now on he was on top of the one sided conversation. 

I marveled at his charismatic style of his personality. Just last night at the  restaurant where we were having dinner he sided with the quite young restaurant staff girls. The restaurant manager couldn’t help in Black Jack owning his employees and took back seat while he charmed both of them with his talks. I was quite surprised the way the girls behaved so frankly with him in front of their boss. 

Now it was my turn to just listen and listen and more listening. Whenever I was lost he would ask questions to keep me on his conversation track. Whenever he felt I am lost he would ask do you copy. After a tiring day I just let him do the talking. He was trying to make me believe and trying to win my trust. I gave up my defenses and told Black Jack that you can trust on me. He was quite happy.

Stay tuned for more in Actor from Nua Duah Part II. 

I was going to leave for my home, It was four am in the morning. I asked Black Jack to buy some memorabilia for sure in the day before leaving.

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