Muse or Music

It all started quite long Black Jack visited Bali. Far away someone was watching Black Jack intently. It was very far in another part of the world. Was she Black Jack’s muse? He was not aware or had the slightest of the most beautiful dream which will take his breath away.

Black Jack had this strong and something powerful penchant of flirting with dangers daily. Each daily mission had to be successful. Being perfectionist he will retook mission if the result failed to meet his expectations.

Always on the vigil like assassin creed eagle with a dagger. The silent muse was always on the lookout to appear on her watch. Black Jack knew someone somewhere followed him but didn’t knew the details. Black Jack was mission critical and left it for analysts to ponder his next moves. Always unpredictable as hell for the targets he brought to hades. No one ever knew what Black Jack was going to do next.

3 or 4 years ago Black Jack was behind enemy lines as a miserable rat. He was laughed at, made fun of poor soul caught in the darkest moments. It was a terrible mistake in calculations. The goal was to be get in, gather information and come out safely without being caught. But they were hounds waiting in the cave for their prey. The smell of the fresh warm blood was to be devoured and they had their most prized possession.

All those dark days behind enemy lines he would dance to the humiliating tunes of power and possession. Black Jack was defeated and looking for an escape route. One morning he came around an open space he never thought existed. So he prayed to God and made up a lucid plan.

According to the plan he visited open space during bright and hot noon. Black Jack made sure no one would follow him. Any one near then he would have to wait for the opportune next day. Still he was alone. He searched for some bright stones during earlier evening. There were few red ones from the bricks. All he wanted were the white ones soft but were very small. He gathered around as much as he can. The search and collection was discreet yet swift enough to be noticed.

He put his white vests over his head and picked each red and white ones in the pile. Now it was the time to finish the task at hand as soon as possible. He began drawing large letters on the concrete. He never looked up while he drew letters on the ground. He was bent all the time and stooped low the whole drawing. The letters had to be permanently etched yet unnoticeable. So he chose to a format in digital watches to write SOS which looked like 5|_|5.

Big enough to be picked by distant but not with the eyes on ground. Black Jack was all hopes and tribunals for an hour. He left it on God until he realized there were many which added up to a sizeable number. The max count was 5-6 white shiny little things round and round, This is just one of the escapades of Black Jack. But the most disgusting mission of his life.

The muse behind all this turned out to be a beautiful divine music just before Bali trip.

She is Black Jack Soulmate. Kashmir Noumena

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