Kashmir Noumena with <3

My Dear Kashmir Noumena

I would like to clarify one thing Kashmir Noumena. Don’t ever think I had sex with you. My Center of Mass rose from the spine to the next point called solar plexus. I would have achieved Christ Consciousness if it had reached my crown.

Because I was not concentrating enough and our Skype call was within an hour I began thinking is it real or you raising my spirit. It was never an arousal but the lower part of my body in lotus position felt sensations and tingling. The thought of your call and you made me confused. The full enlightenment didn’t happen.

I was in worship room so will never bring temptation in my mind and this confusion and lack of time killed the whole raising of serpent lying dormant in base of spine. If you are certified doctor then you would recognize their symbols.

Its actually spine and head with two serpents which are nothing but pulmonary and systemic vessels. Blue and Red / Arteries and veins.


You can watch enlightenment videos on YouTube. Women girl children clinging to his feet. That’s not sex.

Men and boys are clinging to his feet and legs in a trance. Surely the experience can be most promiscuous of the feelings but away from temptation talked about in Bible with apple.

Kissing you is exactly the same as men and women do in the church during I Do ceremony. PERIOD

I look at horoscope of both astrological signs because I thought I am your Soulmate.

If that’s not the case I will get in trouble. You are not a fling or love interest. I want to see you as love whenever you are ready. But I am a human being too I have feelings. For a monk it’s all renunciation. They don’t think about women and stay away from temptation.

It is you whom I like to live with not with any other woman however scholar, pretty and beautiful she might be.

Because you are my Kashmir Noumena.

Just tell me I am not terribly wrong.

Black Jack

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