LKY Death

I was in Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew died. Black Jack is great admirer of LKY who did From Third World to First. First brush with Singapore was Changi Airport on my way to Sydney. We had more than day transit on our way to Sydney Australia. But it was before 9 AM so could not go out.
But this time I was in Singapore near and around LKY Death in year 2015. I also mourned LKY Death.

This story happened when LKY was in hospital and was alive. Newspapers were covering pneumonia and his deteriorating health on an hourly basis. He would come out in his room for camera shoot and citizens of Singapore daily.

One evening I was sitting at front porch near my hotel. Three German boys named Lobi, Tucas and friend, who I can’t name. They came with two bottles each of alcoholic beverages in their hands. They sat on the table next to me. I was listening to them while they talked loud. Lobi was talking about working on a serious project. Tucas and third friend were listening as their leader Lobi was telling them the plan. When the conversation was over.

They began gulping sips from the bottle I introduced myself. I asked them if they are cool if I may join you guys. Lobi looked at me from top to bottom but kept silent. It was Tucas who offered me a seat. Tucas was longer than the other boys and the rest two were of same height. We chatted and Lobi excused on the pretense of going to the loo. He was reluctant that Lucas was involving me in their discussions. I sensed them so I also excused myself after few minutes so that I can talk to Lobi in person.

We had a long chat in solace heavy under the influence of beer and alcohol. I thought, if Lobi agrees, I am part of their team. Tucas was on my side and third friend was neutral. All hail to my mind reading and obvious tell tale signs during conversation. As soon I joined Tucas was not a silent listener but voiced his opinions. He talked to me in person and said his father was a successful business man in Germany. Lobi Tucas and third friend were exchange students in Hong Kong. They were visiting Singapore.

As the discussion, started. Serious conversation away from binging. One of the guest from India noticed us and asked to join. He took over, our conversation. I lighted my cigarette. I let him, with his obnoxious accent, to describe, his views about everything. I was controlling myself, twitching, puffing, in anger management. I let this guest, vomit, hearing his absurd views. Lobi, Tucas and third friend, indulged, when I started. Soon old man felt my roar from inside and left us alone. He feared my looks with vengeance.

My emotions were brimming to erupt by now. I knew they Lobi and Tucas had crooked smiles on their faces. I was also not going to leave from contemplating. I threw the cigarette butt near the porch. Tucas stern said “You cannot do that”. I said “What?” He saw in Lobi and third friends faces. You can’t litter like this Lobi replied in anger. This is Singapore and we are tourists. Singapore can fine you. Littering here is an offense. We were now, on the same page.

The three german boys made bewildered and astonished faces. I said I am pretty cool. They started cribbing inside. Few more minutes and I eased the tension. I stood up in an instant and they were awe, in a knee jerk reaction. I went to the cigarette but which was still red. I crushed it under my slippers and flicked it near the end of the concrete porch meant for rain water drain.

Another girl from US along with another friend were coming. I shook hands with them and asked where have you been all afternoon. She said they were in China Town. I asked how about the meditation, where did you visit? She told me the shop where I have never been. I saw it daily while walking down the street towards MRT station. Soon I introduced the US girl who was black to german friends. She also joined but didn’t sit.

At one point during our conversation She said I would like to see Marina Sands Beach swimming Pool. She sensed no body was forthcoming to go with her to skyview pool. She wasn’t asking me by the way. She waited if fair boys would like to go with her. After reading the faces and lighten the mood. I said you can go by yourself. She said there is security and would not let me to see the pool.

I said I can help you if you follow my instructions to the T. She asked how. Now the german boys were all interested in my plan too. They were silent now enough from the sideways chatter. The US girl was standing at the other end of the table behind Tucas and the third friend. Tucas and third friend were slight seated at an angle so that they can talk to the US girl too. Her girlfriend excused herself from the gathering and went to retired. A kiss on cheek and boys hand byes she left.

Now they listened to me in attention.

I said “The plan is piggybacking”.

“What you can do in the morning is take nice swimming dress with you. Somewhat more fashionable so that you look like a guest. I told her she had a great body so you should change to more you know what i mean skimpy or fluorescent. While in the queue, get behind a handsome man. But be confident and should always be close to him at all times. Like you are friends with the Marina Sands guest and you are sharing room with them. Now when his turn comes up confident act like you are his girlfriend. If you get caught, pretend you are with the guests. Never say I am staying in the room or not. Pretend like the tall guy asked you to swim with him. When you enter the swimming pool area, be you Voila!

Everyone was happy, listening my plan. The faces of german friends soon melted from cigarette butt to you are genius. They started, adding to my evil plan. Things like it works, have been doing that and et al. Lobi, Tucas and third friend confirmed in their thoughts. I am going to be the fourth official partner in the gang.

Black Jack in Singapore

I relaxed and mentally pulled away from their gossip. I was making my own plans for my own. Something, happened. US girl had offended us. She was talking about personal girlfriends and boyfriends. Only Tucas and US girl was in serious relationship. They were away from their partners also in a long distance relationship. She offended us by some movements which unnerved the german boys and I also found it brash. German boys took it in a demeaning way and literally put the US girl in background. She left after a verbal duel.

After few minutes Lobi asked if I could also join them. They were leaving for Clark Quay for partying. I said yes and soon joined them in the taxi ride. I took the pack of cigarettes from a nearby store. They waited for me to get into shoes shades and smoke arrangements. As soon I finished they hailed a cab. Tucas was somewhat nervous in the cab. He was sitting on the front chair. He turned his back to the windshield and took out the dutch share. He was asking me if, I would agree, to the share everything, in a two way dutch. Three in one group, will bear their share, in any one of them paying, for three of them, but, I should pay for myself.

I calmed him by saying don’t worry I would not cheat and I will pay whatever is mine share. But I cannot be allowing to be generous to unfair share of 3:1 in any case. Lobi took on the matter on his hands. They cut out loose our heated sharing discussions and agreed to see whatever happens.

Again our conversation turned on heat on a peculiar topic of fitness. I had to agree with the three of them on same page. I was giving excuses and they were winning their salvoes their next arguments. I noted these cigarettes and stuff were such. These bad habits which made me, douchebag, and them the fitness freak. They were in college and I am the one who worked for a decade. Unfair in my mind comparing apples with the oranges. But they were right, there is no age. If you are fit then you have to look fit too.


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