So I had a compimentary coupon. I stood in the queue. I ordered a normal non alcoholic beverage. Mojito the choice was apple juice instead of alcohol.
I took the glass and wandered around SkyGarden. It as a big big club. There were stairs, hallways, floors all huge. The party theme was halloween. The plastic mannequin were hanging in the hallway interspersed all over. The tall guy would definitely bump his head to any one of them if he walked straight. Black Jack too bumped his head for fun Happy Halloween. Who was afraid of ghosts. Not me because I had my spirit within. I was plain and sober.

I watched many boys and girls dancing their sweat off to the loud grooving music and lights. I was standing at a corner to feel the energy of the place. I was enjoying the electrifying energy and music. Many guests would nudge thinking I would allow each one coming right left front and behind. I would if I saw them. But what the heck why would I dance around if I am standing on my territory. Make your way around me buddy I told in my mind if someone came across looking I allow them pass moving left or right. As the drink which I held for too long finished, I thought to visit terrace.

There was one tourist in true halloween costume. He was trying to scare off girls by sneaking around them. This was hilarious when girls gasped and reacted in utter astonishment. It was kind of funny for the costume guy to scare girls with false blood oozing mask. Even the Joker from Batman was handsome than this guy makeup.

I took the stairs to look upstairs. There were hallways. Those were full of girls and companions grooving from one floor to another dance floor. This was a very humongous club chock full of tourists. There were many security staff keeping watch at each nook and cranny. Every time I moved and looked around their eyes followed me. They were stout and tall. Nice selection and paid staff selection by the rich management of the club.

There were three girls in white halloween costumes following me wherever I went. I bumped around them a lot. As a matter of chance sometimes they were ahead of me and sometimes Black Jack was ahead. As I passed or they would pass I would put my face in plastic smile. The girls though, gave icy look, pretending they were being followed. That was not the case. I was all over the place looking around each section of the club as a tourist. So were they all around the place not in the mood of grooving.

I noticed that the staff stares followed me from top from sides and every time I was near any of them. They were also noticing that the girls in costume and me were not at all dancing but roaming here and there. There were staff who were female in the club. But they always smiled at me and I would wiggle my hands or feet to the music asking them to join me. They would smile but carried on what they were doing. They were getting familiar when I moved around and met them again. Same I would wiggle to the tunes when I saw them and bring up the nicest smile on my face. It was bonhomie and fun because the male staff were like stern and cold.
The red carpet section was almost all deserted. Some of the tourists found seclusion and smoked. The cleaning staff picking butts with the broom around them.

I walked towards the first floor hallway across the big mirrors lined across the walls. There was huge spacious dance floors and sofas and tables and stools in there. I made familiar with all the floors and moved on not staying for a minute longer. I was sometimes looped around the same place many times as I missed the right way to the next floors. I was walking towards the terrace. Sometimes taking stairs sometimes ramp which let to hell lot to dance floors or rooms or section. Each one had their own music and dance ritual.

Then I reached at the top. In the middle there were a huge dance floor fill with people. There was a tall platform across the tables. Few white guys and girls were on top somehow. They were good dancers and the young guy not in his late teens had the ultimate swag and moves. He was the star attraction whom every one noticed. But he was in his own like a trance. He didn’t follow the other boys and girls dancing across him.

There was a huge long buffet on the right. There was a steel railing dividing the hallway into three separate lanes. One was for entering in and another was for walking out with the plates. The third the most wide led to the open terrace on the front side of the club. I went straight towards the edge. The sound of the blaring rock songs secluded it. I stood there and watched below. The cars and people on the streets looked tiny and diminutive from this height.

A group of tourists saw me. Standing in seclusion, watching the nice view, from this towering club. They were also inquisitive and wanted to see and feel it themselves. They started coming towards me and I leaned my back on the railing and crossed my shoulders. I was relax. I was not in the party mood anymore in those wee hours. I stood in the silence and watching the club members dancing off the night from a distance. They bunch came closer stared at me and stood past across. They lit there cigarettes and looked around also noticing me what brought me here.

I was cooling my heals off before I plunged myself into the music. I let them watch me in bafflement that there was nothing here to see. Someone looked down the street below stooping over the ceiling and found out why. He asked them to also look and see but others ignored him.

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