Bidding Adieu

I was waiting in the car.

Old man, on the wheels, asked “Can we move”?

I said “Can you please wait”.
“I am responsible for her. She should reach her home safe, that’s all I want. Wait for five more minutes”.
“Ok La”, cab driver replied.
“As long as you pay for the waiting”.

I looked at the dashboard, displaying “49.03 SGD”, in bold green led.   
I said, “No worries”.

She walked past the bush dividing the road and open apartment parking.
I made sure it’s actually her house. My mind was pacing with the thoughts of following her. Will not that make me a stalker. If she meant she would have given her number. I was willing to follow her. I was waiting for any signal, as she walked farther.

She was walking straight to a huge building. I can’t even look, at the top, from my cab.

I was waiting for any night watch man to see her. No one seemed to come out from any gates. There were no pickets.

She reached the porch of her apartment. She stood there in the sodium glow of the overhead lights. I can see her face, from a distance, as she turned back.

She looked at us. I was still waiting with our cab.

She raised her right hand. She waved, “Good bye, my love”.

I felt the warmth, deserting my heart waving at me, asking the cab driver to move on.

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