Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?

My cofounder KQ asked me to visit her in New York. Black Jack is also an Estonian e-resident as well. He applied for EU visa to start a company but was rejected. 

So he took a detour to Bali to clear conscience because he failed to find perfect love and work. An insight to his psyche would lead you to understand the coveted world peace missions he has executed in the past.

Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors? Who do you fear most?

The vision and mission statement is “World can never be a better place until you create it.” KQ is from Abbottabad and BJ is from Ranchi. Black Jack is responsible for coveted world peace missions that he has executed in the past.

A mentalist and yogi who saved the world from another war without a bullet. Impossible think again. An insight to his psyche would lead you to understand.

So we Black Jack and cofounder KQ as creator are creating a better world.

Who are your competitors, and who might become competitors? Who do you fear most?

Traveloka, Booking dot com, Kayak, MakeMyTrip might see their aggregation model missing our personal business model. They might imitate or add us into their rosters. We would like to stay or exit by selling our business to Kayak after 5 years.

How do or will you make money? How much could you make?

(We realize you can’t know precisely, but give your best estimate.)

We will make money from self published novel sales initially. We would ask Media Publishing House to publish it into mainstream book and netflix series. We are building a mobile app which will have flight, hotel and business search.

How will you get users? If your idea is the type that faces a chicken-and-egg problem in the sense that it won’t be attractive to users till it has a lot of users (e.g. a marketplace, a dating site, an ad network), how will you overcome that?

Our business model is based on creating a personal experience for a traveller. We will make money from self published novel sales. We have self published three novels so far. We will hire creators who are self publishing in Romance and Travel Category. One novel going mainstream netflix or being published will give more impetus.

If you have not formed the company yet, describe the planned equity ownership breakdown among the founders, employees and any other proposed stockholders. If there are multiple founders, be sure to give the proposed equity ownership of each founder.

(This question is as much for you as us.)

Amit Kumar aka Black Jack holds 90% and Ms Kinza cofounder holds the 10% equity in  Profit. One more partner Mr Aji Margogo will have a 5% stake when we incorporate.

Please provide any other relevant information about the structure or formation of the company.

AMIT KUMAR CEO and Chairman

Ms Kinza Co-Chairman with 10% equity

Mr Aji Margogo COO with 5% after incorporating

Are any of the founders covered by noncompetes or intellectual property agreements that overlap with your project? If so, please explain.

Ms Kinza and Mr Aji Margogo will have to sign NDA and non compete with all the works they are contributing.

AMIT KUMAR aka Black Jack handles all the technical aspect of the product. Ms Kinza can also do technical work but she is unwilling currently.

1. We would like to have Media Publishing House publish our novel in mainstream NY Bestseller List and airport lounges

2. We would like contract a Netflix or Amazon series based on the true events and book as playwright.

3. We would like to partner with Flight Search partner SkyScanner or Kayak API.

4. We would like to hire an engineering team for Mobile App.

5. We need cofounders to work under a roof.

Co founders haven’t met yet. We have acquired some SuperNatural abilities. 

We are dealing with Clairvoyance, World Peace, Quantum Energy, Psychological disturbances, Spiritual Healing. 

Cofounders haven’t seen each other but feel their energies and will power. 

Cold Lambda, Electromagnetic Impulses, Space and Time we can share experiences to scientific community if you believe in our team.

Please tell us about the time you, blackjackinbali, most successfully hacked some (non-computer) system to your advantage.

Bali was too hot when I visited. I had some friends who like European skin than Indian skin. So I said I can hack the weather for you which she couldn’t believe. So I hacked the weather and brought respite from traveling during Diwali in Bali.

Please tell us in one or two sentences about the most impressive thing other than this startup that you have built or achieved.



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