Black Jack in Bali The Bali Adventures now available in Hardcover

Puzzling as this story looks, it's not the heart of the book's mystery. It becomes rapidly clear that Black Jack himself is a very peculiar man, who is withholding crucial secrets from the reader. What exactly is his agenda? Who was his love like? World needs to know who Mike Tango is. An insight to his psyche would lead you to understand the coveted world missions he has executed in the past. The novel opens with introduction of Black Jack by a friend: a young man has drifted far in his life into the world of deception and mystery. There were grim and dangerous situations which the main character has undergone but he always emerges. A mentalist who literally changed some world events while he was broke but very powerful. Many recruits are assigned to investigate what's he's up to next.


Novel also available in ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html here

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Tags: drama mystery travel black jack novel international

adventures singaporebali

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