Teaching the teacher

It was the day when Travel Desk was waiting for an hour while I swam in the hotel swimming pool in front of the driver. For more than an hour I have been asking them to wait. This was the day when I had requested all hotel staff about my trip all across the island….


I was going to leave for my home. It was four am in the morning. I asked Black Jack to buy some memorabilia for sure in the morning. I had reminded him many times. It was the last time. I was sure he is not going to make either his flight or memorabilia from the…

Bali Wolf

A Balinese woman in black suit without heels carried two purses. She marched stoutly over the sands. Bigger one was a Louis Vuitton. She carried a silver digital camera pointing at the men following beside her. She held a blue printed material in her other hand. She walked straight ahead with ease carrying all those…

Spy From Nusa Dua Part I

The night was going weary. He stood there doing all sort of poses possible to lose weight. My friend was a security administrator at tomatohead. He wanted to lose weight but not interested in daily strenuous  exercises. Black Jack was convincingly authentic in instructing body using techniques to lose weight fast in just seven days….

Balinese Girl singing Bollywood Song

A Balinese Girl who is not versed with foreign language skills is singing a Bollywood Song. She is from Divine Earth, Bali. She was actually discovered during a visit. #BlackJackRapport can sniff any potential target whatever her antecedents or whereabouts are. Please Subscribe Share and Like the video. Thanks for watching the video. I know…