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I conclude this is ISI game plan had been all along with RAW after West Frontier defected from India and called themselves Pakistan.

Kashmir Noumena

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She grabbed his arm, sloshing his coffee, and dragged him forcibly toward the house. He didn’t have a chance to ask her what the giant wizard’s hat was. As they passed a window he saw Robin watching him from the kitchen. She looked away when their eyes met, but he thought he saw something—disappointment?—in the split second of connection before he was abducted.

Bidding Adieu

I was waiting in the car. Old man, on the wheels, asked “Can we move”? I said “Can you please wait”. “I am responsible for her. She should reach her home safe, that’s all I want. Wait for five more minutes”. “Ok La”, cab driver replied.“As long as you pay for the waiting”. I looked…

Kissing car ride

The shorter girl said “He’s so cheesy” I said “Shut Up” I had the audacity and fun, to talk to her, like that. My girlfriend was sitting next to me, in the middle and kissing me. Earlier my girlfriend while in Clarke Quay had asked me to drop her friend too at which I agreed…